Thursday, 9 August 2012

Music- English 1

I teach English Foundations 1 and every year we study vocabulary on sports/recreation and entertainment. We study the different types of music, tv programs, and movies in our entertainment unit. I have used 3 tech tools to design some activities to help the students understand the differences between the 6 different types of music that are listed in Word by Word Picture Dictionary by Bill Bliss and Steven Molinsky. After listening to some samples of music in class, the students could listen to the screencast independently and try to identify the various types of music. The quizlet flashcards are an excellent visual for second language learners, and the students would have a chance to share their preferences when they answer the questions in the google form. In addition, we would do some role-plays where students could engage in some conversation practice with the different types of movies, tv programs, and music. They could practice asking and answering some information questions in the simple present tense. These activities would also lead to some writing practice too.

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